Tales from the roads less traveled (Photographer) [Idioma Inglés] por Pie Aerts

December 15, 2019

Tales from the roads less traveled (Photographer) [Idioma Inglés] por Pie Aerts
Titulo del libro : Tales from the roads less traveled (Photographer) [Idioma Inglés]
Autor : Pie Aerts

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Críticas ""paints a rich tapestry of unseen life"" (BOAT, September 2019); Reseña del editor In the past few years, Dutch photographer pie aerts has travels to some of the most Remote Corners of our Planet. From the deep jungle of papua to the High Plains of Bolivia, from buddhist monasteries in Nepal to the Beating Heart Of The Okavango Delta, pie Ventures well off the beaten track to Capture real people and everyday experiences in extraordinary habitats around the Globe. A breathtaking Graphic volume that pleads for a more mindful, more humane coexistence. The avid instagrammer now presents his best travel photographs in tales From The roads less traveled. Featuring vibrant images alongside first-hand travel anecdotes, the book invites pie's many fans to join his photographic world Tour, together with his Girlfriend and Favourite model, Jessica wintz. Page after page brings viewers face-to-face with Astonishing landscapes, captivating characters, and some of the most awesome and Endangered animals. With pie's unique view on people, wildlife, and nature, tales From The roads less traveled provides a unique view on our beautiful Planet, as well as a new sense of belonging and community around the Globe. Ver Descripción del producto